HiSHIELD Solutions
Production Quality - Product Safety

The quality and consistency of the product that you sell to your customer is what makes or breaks your reputation as a reliable supplier. For this reason, we have invested a huge amount of time in perfecting our solutions. Apart from the equipment, the Heye PlantPilot information system for example provides you with an overview about the results in Hot End and Cold End. So quality is visible in your hands - everytime and user-specific.


  • Heye SmartLine 2 -  Launch at Glasstec
  • Heye SmartLine 2 - next level inspection
  • Ranger 2: High Scalibility in Check Detection
  • WENSPECT - Iris Inspection and Heye form partnership
  • SmartLine - with latest non-contact inspection solutions
  • Wall Thickness Measurement - MTS10/05
  • Heye PlantPilot: Smart Plant Concepts
  • Heye PlantPilot - Plant Management System
  • Check Detection
  • Star Wheel

HiShield Portfolio

  • High performance inspection machines
  • WENSPECT - Cold End alliance 
  • Heye PlantPilot information management system
  • Retrofit of CO and M1
  • Line audits and consulting
  • Heye Remote Support Services


  • SmartLine 2 Starwheel Machine with superior control for highest reliability
  • Full transparency through PlantPilot information management system for information integration between Hot End and Cold End
  • Cost-efficient retrofit solutions for many existing inspection machines
  • Industry experts find the best solution for your line